Podcast Launch Date and Trailer

Launch Date: Friday, June 25th

Our first episode will be released on Friday, June 25th! But if you want to get a sneak peak of what we’re about, check out our podcast trailer, which you can listen to using the player below or through one of the platforms listed in our subscribe section.

Season 1 Trailer Principia Prepostera

What's Principia Prepostera all about? Let Mick, one of our main characters, explain.

How to Listen and Subscribe

Here’s where we’re currently available:

We’ll be updating this section and our sidebar as we get on more platforms.

Trailer Script

AI Bleep

Hey there! I’m Mickolas Donald, but you can call me Mick. 

Lemme axe you something: Do you like mad science? How ‘bout zany hijinks? 

Well, have I got a podcast for you. It’s called Principia Prepostera, and it’s about me and my colleagues at the Eastern Tennessee Clown Car Company—also known as the greatest institute of mad science in the entire eastern midwest. 

So yeah, listen and subscribe for all the zany mad science hijinks. And tell your friends, too.

AI Bleep

Principia Prepostera premieres Friday, June 25th. Visit prepostera.com for details on how to listen and subscribe.

AI Bleep

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