Catch Up On Season 1

The last episode of Season 1 was released last week. But don’t worry! We’re already hard at work on Season 2.

Did you miss an episode from season 1? Now’s a great time to catch up. Just use the playlist below, which lists all the episodes in order.

Season 1, Episode 9 – The Trap

Will Opal and Mick fall for it?

Mick Donald: Altay Akgun (instagram)
Opal Fellings: Anju Kanumalla (website)
Brodie: Alex Abdoulaev (website) (instagram)
Dr. L’Engle: Anna Britton (instagram)
Prof. Bramblefirth: David Steussy

Written and produced by Anju Kanumalla and Altay Akgun
Show art: Megan Rhodes.

Opening theme: Amazing Plan, by Kevin MacLeod
Closing theme: Whisky, by Crowander

The Script

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